February 12, 2017 -

Parents Appreciation Day


The Parents Appreciation Day program is designed to make a profound impact in the community by promoting love and responsibility between generations and preserve family values. We believe all faiths across the world have a responsibility in instilling values in our children about their love for their parents, the community, and the society that nurtures and educates them. Our program is an effective way of building character much of which cannot be achieved easily by imposing rules or making laws. Drawing the attention of our children to expand their definition of love beyond that between a man and woman, to a love of parents and God.

Last year, we had a big gathering for this event at the temple and the event was a great success. Earlier Mr. Samuel D. Thompson, Senator of New Jersey attended this program and commended the effort (https://goo.gl/nSltY6). This program is being celebrated around February 14th to celebrate love in its true sense. This “celebration” has also become popular as Divine Valentine’s Day and caught the attention of both news outlets such as BBC as well as social media sites like Twitter, where the hashtag was trending worldwide.

This year, in Nashville, we are taking this program to the next level and inviting children from different communities to celebrate this day. We are also planning to carry out this program to our Nashville schools if the opportunity becomes available. We believe celebrating this unconditional love between children and parents helps build strong families in our society.

We have esteemed guests joining this event. Mayor of Nashville, Ms. Mega Barry could not make it to the event due to a scheduling conflict, but she is fully supporting this campaign and sending Mr. Lonnell Matthews, Director, Mayor's Office of Neighborhoods & Community Engagement, to represent her. The Same thing is with the Congressman Jim Cooper, and he is trying to send his representative as well. The Chairman of the temple Dr. Vedavyasa Biliyar is in talks with First Lady Crissy Haslam, and she might join this event as well. Dr. Biliyar is very instrumental in carrying out this campaign in Nashville.

Several artists from professional music schools in Nashville are performing in this event. Here is a link to the Evite going in a little more detail about this program: http://evite.me/2hqSGZGAXB

We request you to kindly attend and cover this event, in order to encourage us and our children to appreciate the love we receive from our parents and save especially our teens from misunderstanding valentines day and getting into bad practices and ruining themselves. Attached is a copy of the Innocenti report from UNICEF, going in a little more detail on the root problem this campaign is trying to solve.

Time: 11:00 am to 12:30 pm

Location: Sri Ganesha Temple
527 Old Hickory Blvd, Nashville, 37209, TN

Admission Cost: Free per Free

Contact Information

Phone: 6152502452

Email: parentsappreciationday@gmail.com

Website: mppd.ashram.org

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