October 12, 2013 - October 12, 2013

The 2013 Two Star Newgy and Wang Vision Institute Open


Sponsored by Newgy Industries and the Wang Vision Institute.

Sanctioned by USATT

Referee: Roger Dickson (CR)

Limited to 48 players.

Venue: Academy Park Gym -- 120 Everbright St, Franklin TN 37096

Format: Two Tier Round Robin Groups. Top 32 in Upper Division, Next 16 In Second Division. All players advance to second stage Group Round Robins. Group winners and 2nd place advance to Semi-Finals and Finals.

Time: 8 am to 4 pm

Location: Academy Park
120 Everbright Ave, Franklin, TN, 37206

Admission Cost: $55 + fees per Person

Contact Information

Phone: (615) 364-3955

Email: info@nashvilletabletennisclub.org

Website: http://www.nashvilletabletennisclub.org

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