April 29, 2016 -

The Art of Ascension Weekend Workshop


Deep inside every one of us is an Infinite place where all answers are held, there is infinite love and great peace. We have moved outward to try to find these and have often felt lost when looking to others to give us hope. Now, we can turn back towards that place inside us and find that which we seek. All that is needed is a tool to take us there. Ishayas’ Ascension is a tool that takes the mind inward to the Source of all Creation. From this place we can experience more love, joy, creativity and peace in our lives.

During this three-day seminar, participants learn the first four Ascension Attitudes. This is an ancient teaching and has never been taught by book. It has always been taught by qualified teachers who have committed to this practice.

The weekend's topics include: Choice: Its importance and power Thoughts: Creating your life and body Perception: From victim to creator

Free Webinars are available for more information at www.ishayasmeditation.com

Time: 7pm to 5/1/2016 at 5pm

Location: Cosmic Connections
1701 Portland Avenue, Nashville, 37212, TN

Admission Cost: $300 per person

Contact Information

Phone: 5732610368

Email: jyoti.ishaya@yahoo.com

Website: 1701 Portland Avenue

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